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Acronym Finder

What is همت ?
هزار میلیارد تومان
Sometimes they may use the abbreviation" Hemat "instead of" billion tomans"....
What is KERS ?
Kinetic Energy Recovery System
The system recovers kinetic energy (Kinetic energy recovery system) (KERS) is a system related to cars, to recover the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle in time, is. Energy recovered for use during acceleration is stored in a tank (such as a flywheel or high-voltage batteries)....
What is XR ?
Extinction Rebellion
The revolt against extinction (abbreviation A) is a global environmental movement with the stated aim of employing nonviolent civil disobedience to coerce the state to avoid turning points in The and aerial system، the loss of biodiversity and the social risk and ecological collapse....
What is ECEF ?
Earth-centered Coordinate System
The system coordinates the Earth, the center, the ground static as abbreviation ECEF that system, the coordinates of Earth central, also called, a system of reference spatial Cartesian position that is in the vicinity of the land (including surface, within the atmosphere of the Earth and the space around it) for Y, X and Z, and measure from the center of mass of the show. The most common use of this coordinate system is in the interception of satellite orbits and global navigation satellite systems to measure and find positions on the Earth's surface, but it is also used in applications such as monitoring the movements of the Earth's crust....
What is EOE ?
Encyclopedia Of Earth
Encyclopedia of Earth (abbreviation ) is an electronic reference and online encyclopedia about Earth natural environments and interaction.with society. This encyclopedia is a collection of articles written by researchers، experts teachers and other approved experts.who work together and improve each other's articles. Articles are mostly written for the knowledge musicians teachers scientists and the general public.hence they are written in non-technical language....
What is TJFF ?
Toronto Jewish Film Festival
The Toronto Jewish Film Festival is an annual Film Festival held annually in the city of Toronto, Canada. It is considered one of the largest Jewish Film Festivals in the world. The Toronto Jewish Film Festival premiered in 1993.< < >in 2014, the festival ran from May 1 to 11, with 116 films from 23 countries participating....
What is WOC ?
Women Of Color
Women of color (sometimes abbreviated as WOC) is an expression used to describe women of color. The political term "women of color" appeared in violence against the women's movement. In the late seventies، this unified all women who had multiple layers of social exclusion because of their race or ethnicity.

What is NFH ?
NATO Frigate Helicopter
"The helicopter Guardian battleship NATO" (NATO Frigate Helicopter) with the name stands for the (N F A friend NFH) offshore model of this helicopter is that the mission of its main battle with submarines and vessels superficial enemy in support of vessels Insider is. These helicopters usually perform these missions from the deck of ships and are capable of seating and takeoff from the deck of the carrier. The main propeller and tail Dirk are retractable in these helicopters to fit in the helicopter yen.< < > these helicopters have the ability to perform round-the-clock operations in all weather conditions. Other missions such as air combat support، maritime search and rescue and the transportation of cargo and soldiers are side duties of this model. The model is equipped with sonar to detect enemy submarines and an officer responsible for Sonar and radarr 360 made by the French company Thales. The French have divided their order into two more combat-equipped submodels for 42 million euros ( 56 million) and a support model for 35 3 million euros ( 49 million)، based on the 2012 price....