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Acronym References

What is MOTD ?
Message Of The Day
Message of the day - motto of the day...
What is FYP ?
For Your Page
FYP stands for "For Your Page" is a page which refers to the person can be shown that TikTok with videos fills that think more of what in the past, watched, and with it, the interaction've had the most fun you'll win.

It is thought that "FYP" part of an algorithm is the regulatory that TikTok to display the content on the landing page, you " page of the "Explore" TikTok and videos that probably interested in watching and interacting with them, you can use it....
What is OV ?
Original Version
The term OV is commonly used in feature films and means the original version....
What is EOB ?
End Of Business
It usually comes at the end of the date meaning at the end of the working day....
What is BTS ?
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes is an acronym for BTS....