Acronym of یگوپ

( یگان ویژه پاسداران ) Special units of police from units operational police in Iran. The control of the Islamic world. fighting and dealing with disturbances and gatherings illegal, participation in special operations (hostage, etc. bomb, the layout, clearing,...), dispatching the force and relief to other police units of the country, including the duties of the major units of the special forces. Of units this unit can be the unit The. Unit. Unit (horse riders), a club shiny that the responsibility for training, skydiving, etc., paragliding and fall, motorcycle, staff and other people responsible for the unit release the hostages, etc. unit (police dogs)The unit, marine unit, check two civilians building bomb areas across the country, the explosive

special units of the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the establishment of order and security, provide comfort, and the individual is required mechanism to prepare, utilizes techniques and knowledge control communities compared to the control, the appropriate communities and groups turvy, nasty security of society, that the goals and plots of the preset, the machinations of the traders in the corners of society, happen act. The mission of special forces in three different sections is divided into:
status: in normal situation, any events that caused turvy disordered eating, Community. happened, and all the organizations, services, your daily offer. In these conditions the tasks of this force in establishing order and security of sports competitions can be summarized. Special forces with sports clothes in country attended, and in order to avoid creating the atmosphere of security in gymnasiums, etc. of the cover and the name of the "unit safety gymnasiums".
status Gray: in the unusual situation, some irregularities, violations and crimes disruptive of order and security community in the initial stages can be, and forces this unit to be as assistance and help provider's other forces involved. Of the manifestations of this situation can be relief to the people exposed to natural disasters, etc. facilitates traffic, liberating the hostages and deal with terrorist attacks.
condition red and yellow: in these two stages, the status of the police and security community due to the occurrence of violations and irregularities, widespread outside of the control of the security forces of the normal and the lives and property of citizens are widely exposed to attacks and danger. The occurrence of turbulences vast and planned with the aim of deal with the government and the central government, including The these cases is that the forces of this unit is obliged to interfere, and deal.