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Acronym References

What is MPG ?
Max Planck Gesellschaft
Porn Max Planck (German: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e. V.; to for the acronym MPG) that, on 26 February 1948 by a number of name physicists atomic Germany, such as Werner Heisenberg and Otto Hahn, was established in. alternative porn, the Kaiser Wilhelm for the development of Science. which in 1911 was created. Institute, Max Planck in the fields of natural sciences, especially physics, biology, humanities, and social sciences to the research base of the country. Porn Max Planck Institute with the university associated with faculty research, Max Planck (Max-Planck-Research-Schools) it has established (16 faculty). Researchers working in institutions of the association, Max Planck had managed to get 15 of the Nobel Prize have been. The number of Nobel Prize by no associations, other research in the world not yet been received.

in the year 2006 in the ranking of the Journal of Higher Education Times ( Times Higher Education) Association, the Max Planck in-between the institution, non-university research facilities in the field of Science, ranked first in the world and in the field of Technology, ranked third.

number of institutions affiliated to the Association of Max Planck that name, the Max Planck Institute for ... (German: ... Max Planck Institute für ) are known now to 78 is reached....
What is RPI ?
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Polytechnic Rensselaer (RPI) from prestigious universities in the US account comes in. This university in New York state and in the city of Troy is located....
What is DIN ?
Deutsches Institut für Normung
The Institute, standardization (German Deutsches Institut für Normung, concisely, DIN, English spoken, religion).

This is the old standard (from the Year 1917 started.) Nowadays, around the world, used and with over 30,000 as the standard of almost all aspects of technology....
What is ANSI ?
American National Standards Institute
National Institute for standard, or ANSI, is a Institute private non-profit that focuses on the process of creating standards comprehensive is optional for products, services, processes, systems, and employees of American surveillance. The institute also American standards with the standards of the global matching, it can do so they can be as Universal also used. For example, standard cameras ensures that the film they need for anywhere in the world available.

The Institute of credit standards produced by representatives of the institutions, standardization, etc., agency, government, department, consumer, etc. companies.... confirms. These standards guarantee that products have the performance and features of the same. and consumers products with the same specifications using the same are tested. ANSI also coordinating institutions, manufacturers, products confirmed the identity with global standards ensures.

the head office of the institution in Washington and the Office of operational it, in New York....
What is ISIRI ?
Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
In the year 1304 the solar system the first move, codified in connection with the standard and standard blogging in Iran with the adoption of the law of weights and began. In the year 1332 as a Department laboratory under the supervision of the Bureau of Commerce was established, which in the field of control of imported goods, etc. export and production inside the country. In the year 1339 the law \" allow established standards Institute, Iran \" in the six articles to pass both houses the time of receipt. In this year, Iran officially join the International Organization for standardization, was accepted.

in 1349 law on additional articles to the Law Institute of standard and industrial research of Iran consists of Seventeen articles and two notes to pass both houses the time of receipt. In the years 1353 1371 about matters transfer Standard Institute of the Ministry of economy and finance to the Ministry of industries and mines. In the year 1371 the law on amendments to the rules and regulations of Institute of standard and industrial research of Iran consists of 30 Article 22 note parliament passed that replaces all the rules and regulations of the previous Institute was, and is now also the main rule of the organization. Institute of standard and industrial research of Iran is the only organization in Iran that, according to the law can be an official standard preparations will determine and compile and run them with your business agree to this mandatory standard to announce....
What is IEC ?
International Electrotechnical Commission Standards
The International Commission of electronics...
What is IETF ?
Internet Engineering Task Force
Strike force Internet Engineering (IETF), a group that the standards of the internet has created a and improves. The group with the consortium, the world, including the so-called W3C and the International Organization for Standardization known as ISO/IEC work very closely and in particular, on the set protocol, the internet works. This group is an institution open standard is no formal membership of or conditions on . All participants and managers are volunteers, though usually, they are by employers or supporters in terms of financial support. For example, the head of the current by the efficiency of the sine and the National Security Agency, the government of the United States of America supported....
What is OSI ?
Open Society Institute
Foundation Soros (Soros Foundation), the name of the main foundation, The Open Society (Open Society Institute - OSI), belonging to George Soros, etc. the policy of the circuit and the American, in 1993, was established.

The goal of this institute, it is your title, does create and maintain the structures and institutions of the Open Society. Your institute and the Western media, the activity of the foundation mentioned of humanitarian aid taken to the public health and the protection of human rights and economic reforms, as they

Soros in more than 30 countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova, represented by the active....