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What is JINSA ?

Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

Foundation for Jewish Affairs, National Security, (English name: Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs; the abbreviation: (JINSA), which in terms of lexical equivalent of "ambiguity" and "Oblivion") is a think tank, non-profit pro-Israel. It was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Washington. The goal matching what website it come include: provide strategies to lead and influence on the vital issues of national security and foreign policy; the promotion of security cooperation US allies also thought, including Israel, (but not limited to it); Can interact with the Assemblies of Defense, the US and persuasion them about the role that Israel's security interests and the interests of the democratic West in the regions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, has and can have; and promoting awareness and justified by the public opinion of American society as well as the Jewish community towards the importance and the necessity there can be powerful defense for America.

now, the consultants includes: two former senator, the U.S. Senate, Joe Lieberman (political activist, independent - elect of the state of CT) and Rudy (member of the Republican Party - selected state of MN), The General James t. Conway and Commander William J. Conway. Mcsuenini is from the Los yenengeles Sheriff's Department. Dick Cheney (first vice president of the George W. Bush administration), John Bolton (former U.S. Representative to the United Nations) and Douglas faith (former assistant secretary of Defense for policy making) were also members of ginsa's advisers before their entry into the Bush administration.< < > ginsa is not affiliated with any party and welcomes the presence of advisers from both political spectrums. Democrats such as Dave McCurdy and Shelley Berkeley (former congressmen Marica) are currently on the board of advisers.