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Acronym References

What is حدکا ?

حزب دموکرات کردستان ایران

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (hadka) is a political party in the history of Iranian Kurdistan that was founded on 25 August 1324 (equal to 16 August 1945) by Ghazi Mohammad in the city of Mahabad. This party is working against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yenen center is located in the city of Erbil, the center of Iraqi Kurdistan. The current secretary-general is Mustafa Hijri. The party's slogan from the first day was "democracy for Iran and autonomy for Kurdistan", but after more than half a century of struggles, it changed its strategic slogan to" the national rights of the Kurdish people in the framework of democratic and federal Iran". Kurdish parties sought autonomy with nationalist slogans and objectives under conditions inside and outside Iran, which led to defeat. By trying to remove the Iranian identity of the Kurds، they are fueling Kurdish ethnicism, which a large part of the Iranian Kurds did not welcome. < < > part of the forces of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party split from this party in 1385 and continued to operate under the name of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. In 1401, after 16 years, the two parties reunited and under the name of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party continued their joint activities under the single leadership.in September 1945, Ghazi Mohammad and a number of other important Kurdish figures were invited to Tabriz to meet the Soviet consul general and then sent to Baku, where they met mirjafar bagherov, the Prime Minister of the USSR zarbaijan. with an explanation of the importance of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, and replace it with the party of mass, affirms that the Kurds also to gain freedom should do the same. He tells that the revived population is the creation and instrument of imperialism. Yenes are also encouraged to create a Democratic Party.[22] on the return from this trip، the dissolution of the Kurdish revival population was carried out and a statement signed by Judge Mohammed and 105 Kurdish notables was published. In this statement, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan was announced.