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Acronym References

What is KPD ?

Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands

The Communist yelmann party was a political party formed in December 1918 from the Sparta jirga. The Spartacist Union was a faction within the Social Democratic Party elman.the party was opposed to the first World War, and the reason for the opposition was that it was an imperialist war that the working class had no benefit in it. The leaders of the Spartacist union were Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, who were murdered in 1919.during the Nazi era, the Communist Party was strongly repressed and the identified supporters were sent to Holocaust camps.the party gained more power during the Soviet occupation of eastern Afghanistan after the defeat of the Nazi people.

After the end of World War II and under the influence of forces occupied Soviet Union in East Germany., the Communist Party, with the Social Democratic Party was merged Socialist Unity Party of Germany to be formed that the ruling party on eastern Germany, respectively.

After the Union of two Germany, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, to the party of socialism democratic (and later to the party of the Left) change the name of the alliance and the party (party of the Left), continue, especially he of considerable power is.

in West Germany, a court, constitutional, federal Germany in 1956, the party banned the ... but the part of its members later in the year 1968, the Communist Party of Germany (1968) the foundation laid. (The name of the new party, formed in 1968, is different in yen Lemania, but in Persian the same Communist Party is calledeleman).