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Acronym References

What is FIAP ?

Fedoration International the l`Art Photographique

Federation of international art, spent partly, by Dr. Van de (DR. M. Van de Wijer) in 1946, the basic investment was, and from that year has been the mediator; and then communicating between institutions, the National spent partly in the countries of the world. The first congress of this federation in the year 1950 in the city of Bern of Switzerland with the company for 10 representatives from different countries was formed. only the Institute of international background spent partly is that on behalf of UNESCO the UNESCO to acknowledge the known and the project also at the request of this organization has done. The federation as a member of the executive with the institutions of the National spent partly in all over the world for cooperation, close is that they number more than 85 National Institute on the 5 continents of the Earth. also representative of close to one million photographer. Any direction Iranian.... and share in the activities of FIAP illegal. at the level of global activity. Main tasks it is the result of growth spent partly is and in this regard, the objective pursued is not such that it can be made to the following items are noted: growth, education, spirit, spent partly around the world, raising the level of culture of citizens in order for cooperation to promote spent partly how in the field of art, and what technical and also effort in direction of strengthening peace in the world. One of the programs holding the tournament is a biennial. This matches that in the countries the member will be held with property that is it from other international matches under the support distinguishes them. In this tournament the number of participants it is now, to 40 countries, reaches, pictures, not only separate, but also to shape the society and also check. This means that every collection from every country should be in terms of content, technique, and methods of presenting coherent. The harmony trilogy that is from the side of the visitors, valuable, considered to be and it causes Biennale of in much other art enterprise effective. The World Cup spent partly, as well as from other is offering it . Each year, more than 100 trade shows and racing International with the support established. This providing constant supervision of special significance, or in accordance with regulations only if it can support under the federation that stay that most of the world countries are invited. Cases because the date and duration of exhibition, quality of works, etc. ., The Catalogue and... on behalf of The determined. The Federation of trade shows, where they are just purposes commercial are or background is limited to support under the not allow. 85 country member are such that it can be made to the MOQ, Iran., Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, etc., Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, etc., Romania, etc., Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa, and. Cameroon, West Africa. ., the Chile and. Argentina, etc., Cuba, Canada, and Australia, noted.Contrary to the impression some photographers, amateur only to artists, photographers, or amateur photographers, attention, not, but also declares that non-professional photographers, even amateur photographers are also priceless and gives purpose to merely the development of photography, at every level.