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Acronym References

What is UNCTAD ?

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Conference on trade and development United Nations (UNCTAD), which briefly called in 1964 ad with the goal of a tight integration of developing countries with the global economy was established.

a pillar subsidiary of the UN General Assembly and is based on the resolution of the General Assembly of the UN has been built. from the beginning of establishment, lack the legal personality of international. your in international trade and economic development, the concept of the rule of economic in addition political terms " and the principle of equality, international cooperation based and interdependence to the benefit of developing countries about the emphasis placed.

in the wake of the freedom of international commerce framework in support of the underdeveloped countries of the world. reduce the amount of losses and assistance for economic development, they, etc. In other words, adopt behavior conducive to, preferably to the benefit of the undeveloped countries, the direction to propel such countries to a balanced and interactive with developed countries, as a rule, and the principle knows. Therefore, the form formula of behavior, favorable etc. demonstrates the necessary freedom of international trade in Iran. however, is higher due toward the interests of the developing countries, freedom of international trade has been approved. central axis of the UN for dealing with integrated trade and development and related topics in the areas of financial, technology and investment and development in the developing countries and undeveloped.

through search and analysis procedures, and collect information to follow to create the context for the consultation between the government and the exchange of experiences with the aim of integrating factors of development. with other agencies to meet the needs of developing countries cooperation. The secretariat performing , along with the member states and with organizations affiliated with the UN and regional committees, like government institutions, organizations, NGOs, etc. along facilitating the development process in developing countries activities to perform different data is one of them according to the theme, performance, commercial. One of the solutions offered by toward increasing the efficiency of commercial developing countries app trading point.

the program of 1999, the goals by members to help set up and coordinate points commercial across the world, again, was analyzed. 1999 members a new strategy with double orientation, the main activities according to the program, spots, commercial presentations was:

1. The development of domain quality of service provided by the network, the points trading GTPNet:Global Trade Point Network

2. Empowerment points brand, with a view to improve the sustainability of parts of trade and reduce dependence on them, to the resources .