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Acronym References

What is OSI ?

Office of Strategic Influence

OSI is a group of progressive rock, is an American who is Jim Matthews., the guitarist for Fates Warning, in 2002, was built. Kevin Moore, etc., singer and musician, keyboards, Chroma key, the only permanent member of the group.Name of the group based on the name of a state agency in America, in the name of the Office of Strategic Influence (Office of the measures of influence) is that after the attacks of 11 September, the task of political advertising, it was in charge. Group of a number of musicians guest on the album, their interest, including : Steven Wilson, Michael ., the Shane Malone and save Vera. Jim Matthews, Kevin Moore and drummer DreamBox headline, etc., Mike hired him in something that was supposed to be the personal project Matthews. cooperate.Matthews and wanted an album with the progressive metal style, your Matthews in Fates Warning build, but Kevin Moore, enter the electronic music to progressive metal, etc. the path of musical group changed.Group, their first album in 2003 released. ., the interference, Kevin Moore, because the hardness of the making of this album knew. OSI was originally supposed to be a "one project". but Kevin and Matthews, in time, release that. second album of the group. Free in 2006, announced that Mike , as a drummer, just in making the album with them Cooperation.Third album, also called Blood in 2009 in collaboration with the drummer of Porcupine tree, Gavin Harrison that replace the . released. Now, Kevin and Matthew are working on the fourth album the group are, and Harrison, as well as a drummer, it can work.