Acronym of MNP

( Mobile Number Portability ) cell phone number is a process that mobile phone subscribers can retain your mobile number from one service provider, mobile service provider, other mobile phone, couch does.[1] this technology goes back over 15 years and is now in more than 70 countries in the world can be done.

CRA and radio communications affiliated to the Ministry of communications and Information Technology, Iran, in Act 189 in date 1393/3/18 with the set deadline of 18 months for the implementation of this plan, mobile operators, up to a maximum 1394/9/18 required to provide this service in Afghanistan. Otherwise, the service Generation third and higher due to the obligation that the license operators have been seen will be cut. Sunday 01 September 94 and in the same vein, during a ceremony of the memorandum cell phone number, concluded, and agreed. In accordance with this memorandum of understanding, etc. the experimental setup of this service in the Fajr decade and the year 1394 and the way the commercial launch of this service on 27 May 1395 (World Day of communications) will be done. In Iran, for the creation of this service, method of ACQ/CDB is used.