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What is FRP ?

Factory Reset Protection

FRP is a functionality that has been added to the Android device since Android Lolipop. Most stock Android models are equipped with this feature. When you return the phone to factory settings in recovery mode and try to set it up, you will need a Google username and password to log in to the mobile phone.<br> < br>FRP is designed to assure you that if your phone is lost or stolen by someone, that person cannot easily erase your phone data or return it to factory settings. This is a prized feature that makes our Android phone less attention-grabbing for thieves. Although FRP can sometimes be a hassle. For example: when we send our phone to someone( a friend or someone who buys the phone) and forget its FRP, we may not be able to temporarily Share our Google account with others. Fortunately, disabling FRP on an Android phone is very easy.