Acronym of JCT

( Juxtaglomerular Cell Tumor ) Tumor cells adjacent to the glomerular that its other name "" set and briefly "JGCT" or "JCT" can be said, are a kind of a very rare form of kidney cancer that, so far, only 100 cases of it reported.

these tumors usually secrete a enzyme renin and can cause high blood pressure and uncontrollable children and adult.

This cancer in adolescence and youth is more common and often call the tumor benign think, but how much it is likely to malignancy converter. not yet been determined.

this tumor for the first time in 1967, it was reported, and since then 100 cases of it reported. Review genetic in some patients has shown in the cancer, parts of chromosomes 9 and 11 is gone.

In this condition, in addition to high blood pressure (sustained and sometimes attack. secondary and hypokalemia also is likely, but patients also reported that any signs do not have.

When diagnosis, this disease often with "carcinoma of kidney" make mistakes and do "CT scan dynamics" can distinguish these two..

In most cases, the tumor coverage (within a capsule located) and with steel, it is treatable. Just a case of the spread (metastasis) of this tumor have been reported.