Acronym of TIA

( Transient Ischemic Attack ) Transient ischemic attack, or in medical term TIA to the state and the absence of transient and unstable from the imperfect performance and imperfect brain, or part of it, it can be said that, because it impaired blood flow(ischemia) to the brain. Expressed in more simple, when the blood supply to the brain is disturbed as well, but the time and intensity of this disorder is not leading to infarction(death of part of tissue) be the transient ischemic attack is called.

AL-Most factor in the attack, ischemia, there is an embolism, and blockage of one of the vessels of the brain by it. The origin and source of this embolism can plaque within the reggae derived from a atherosclerosis and or thrombosis remains a fibrillation in the heart. This eclipse in a very short time period occurs and so the damage is permanent, do not create. Transient ischemic attack or or your ATV with a group of other diseases, including high blood pressure, the diabetes, the migraine, the use of smoking and high cholesterol, is associated.

transient ischemic attack TIA, the signs almost similar to a stroke, and is also different people is very different, and, of course, to the place of occurrence (blockage) in the brain depends more include blurred vision or double vision in the eyes of the aphasia and difficulty in speaking, the hemiparesis, or weakness, and the relationship of brain on one side of the body, and vertigo is that all of these signs after appearing within an hour of the process.

diagnosis transient ischemic attack after the physician of the patient of the Test Physical was the adjourn to do a series of tests including a CT scan of the brain, an ultrasound of the carotid artery in the neck, and echocardiography(ECG) can be and in most cases, the cause of atherosclerosis is that in determined.

transient ischemic attack is often a warning for early stroke. In the meantime, to mitigate the risk of attack strategies presented include the following:

trying to reduce body fat, especially
the diet of fruit and veg and weight loss
reduce the sodium intake(such as sodium, contained in Salt)
the balance in the consumption of alcohol(or lack of use)
control and stabilize blood sugar levels and blood pressure