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What is GIFT ?

Gamete IntraFallopian Transfer

In this method، the ovaries after stimulation by the necessary drugs by the doctor by surgery (with the help of a special needle) through the vagina and under ultrasound control and with light anesthesia collect iodine. At the same time, the sperm is collected by the person in the laboratory of embryology, during the process several washes, and practice the separation, cum, natural, and animated to enhance the quality and quantity of sperm, etc. can be done. These eggs are then transported into the fallopian tubes (the normal place where the sperm and the egg intersect and carry out fertilization), mixed with the sperm of the partner، through a laparoscopic procedure،. In this method, fertilization is carried out inside the fallopian tubes, and the resulting embryo after its growth and reproduction process naturally enters the erus and goes through the implantation process.