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What is BPP ?

Biophysical Profile

Fetal health assessments are one of the most important concerns of mothers and fathers. Many tests are carried out in this regard regarding the possibility of various problems. One of these tests is a biophysical embryonic profile. The iodine test is one of the prenatal tests that evaluate the condition of the fetus in iodine. In this test, the fetal heart rate (by stress-free test or iodine) and ultrasound of the fetus are used to assess the heart rate ، breathing movements، muscle tone and fluid level meniotic. Then the results of iodine and ultrasound are intertwined and the score of each fetus is determined. > < < > biophysical profile is a simple and painless test performed during pregnancy to assess the health of the fetus. Especially to ensure that the fetus receives enough oxygen iodine from the erus. This iodine test is often performed when the due date of delivery has passed. Also, if you have a high-risk pregnancy this the test can also be done in the third trimester.