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Acronym References

What is CCF ?

Convalescent Care Facilities

Recovery is the gradual recovery of a person's health and strength after an illness or Apple. The term "recovery" also means weakness after illness. In infectious diseases The term convalescence refers to secondary and subsequent levels of infection and infectious disease when the patient regains health and returns to normal but even though he feels better، it can still be a source of transmission. In the meaning of infection and Infectious Diseases the term "recovery" can also mean "recovery", which may sometimes include caring for the patient after a major surgery, which includes regular doctor visits, examinations, and regular trials. "Recovery" and "convalescence" care facilities are referred to in English as enes (convalescent care facilities).

period, the process of recovering after diseases, injuries and surgeries, various, different and will be different and what they have to contribute to the recovery done. also, depending on the case, different. Doctors believe that good nutrition is effective in shortening the time to return to normal. Consumption of substances containing proteins such as eggs fish and meat for kebabs as needed, as well as fruit and vegetables are recommended nutritional items during recovery.