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Acronym References

What is OME ?

Otitis Media with Effusion

Infection of the middle ear in the 18th century, outbreak frequency was found. But nowadays due to the advancement of Health, and therapeutic approaches to almost zero is reached. But still in the country such as Angola, there is this much on a global level, little can be

usually, the disease to the intermediary, there are such symptoms as negative pressure in the middle ear and fluid in the ear can be detected, and the mark or sign of systematic the other, based on the infection does not exist. Conductive hearing loss in the limit of moderate to be created and if in the early stages, infection is not treated, etc., can form a problem, intense and complex, the incidence does. Symptoms monitoring that are generally associated with the infections are active include:
- ear pain
- rubbing or pulling the ear
- discharge from the ear
- hearing loss
- balance disorder

symptoms of systemic middle:the
- fever
- a bad mood
- restless sleep
- irritability
- spells

According to studies, average threshold airway (AC) in children with secretion of the middle ear(MEE), the equivalent of 27 dB HL at the frequencies 500 and 1000, and 4000 Hertz, while the threshold of 2000 Hz, a little better, and the equivalent of 20 dB HL has been reported. In children the secretion of double-sided have., the average threshold is about 10 dB worse than the one-way Mode has been. The Shape of the usual hearing, PD () in middle ear infection, etc. to flat (Flat) or a slight drop in the low frequencies(Slightly Rising), and is usually a frequency of 2000 Hz., the best threshold is. The amount of drop in middle can be normal, up to 50 dB HL, etc. variable. Usually, the threshold of bone affect not fall. (Conductive hearing loss) if during the examination with , rather than the liquid behind the eardrum air bubbles to be seen, etc., we expect that the amount of hearing loss mild be more. Children who have a history of chronic infections(Chronic) or recurrent(Recurrent) of the middle ear have, you may in spite of hearing the norm in the hearing trendy drop frequency of 12 to 20 kHz in hearing high-frequency show.