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Acronym References

What is MP ?

Menstrual Period

Event get out of the blood and the cells of the woman, which for a monthly happening.

the menstrual cycle, or menstrual cycle (period) in fact, the transformation of physiological that in fertile women the direction of reproductive sex occurs and each month, an ovum mature and ready to nurture the fetus can be. At this time, gradually the tissues of the womb are also ready to maintenance of the fetus can be. If fertilization revisions. egg excretion and tissue coating the uterus, loss does (menstrual). This process, naturally, in the era of fertility, sex, species, mammals, matter, occur. The menstrual cycle of women during pregnancy and lactation prevents the stands. Menstrual cycle from puberty until menopause continues. Duration bleeding menstrual for , etc. are usually 3-5 days long takes, but between 2 to 8 days can also be be. Each menstrual cycle is on average 28 days long is a menstrual cycle normal between 21 to 35 days is. The volume average of the blood plan per monthly cycle of menstruation is 35 ml.