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Acronym References

What is CABG ?

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Treatments reduce blood flow of the arteries of the heart, too far to the two methods for accepts: "angioplasty" (PCI), which by the practitioners of heart and accepted in the community as "the balloon and springs" is known, and the method of open surgery, blood supply is to the practice of the bypass (away nasty) is famous. "Bypass surgery vein coronary artery bypass graft" that can be "transplant surgery distant, nasty, vessels of the crown, like the heart," named (arteries, the corner left and right like a crown on a heart level SIT). The word bypass in English the meaning of the act to clearly track: create a track away-nasty, that the shortness of the vessels, the corner bypasses. This means that with the creation of a split by a transplanted vascular area, cramping, and tightness of the arteries, corner torn away or make a shortcut by grafting coronary for blood supply will be created.

The reason the implementation of this steel cramps and tightness (up to the limit of complete obstruction) vessels, the corner which is used in a variety of conditions is detected, and the capability of the treatment with the shock absorber and the balloon do not. The final diagnosis clogging and blockage of the coronary artery by angiography is performed and the decision to perform the bypass by taking the results of clinical data and clinical and diagnostic supplement can be.