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Acronym References

What is KS ?

Kaposi Sarcoma

Ewing , a type of cancer of the skin are relatively rare is that in humans is common and can be there it is on the other creatures denied. This disease causes the emergence of skin lesions, brown – pink color on a variety of levels the body and cause swelling in these areas. Since this disease in the natural state, the body active. it can be one of the opportunistic diseases, he said. A common feature of this species of disease, the suppression of it by the immune system in Normal mode, the body, and it activates in case of immunodeficiency.

This disease of the discoveries Moritz physician of the Austrian-Hungarian.

the disease often in case of weakness of the safety device to be created. This weakness can also be many factors. One of the most important weakening, manufacturers, machine, safety aids. so can this disease the main factor susceptible to disease sarcoma know. Expensive research the disease based on how to risk divided into three categories, they:

classical form: in this case, in areas the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, is more common and around the toes and heels can be seen.

form TGR: in this case, Ewing two types. common type in the world, and the kind common in regions, Sub-Saharan Africa. It is necessary be mentioned that this mode of communication and affiliation with the HIV virus.

dependent on the weakness of a safety device: this disease is usually surgery, organ transplants, etc. in the acceptor member is created, which can be based on the weakening of the immune system by surgeons or transmission, virus, HHV8 from the member's provider to the member borrower. The progress of this disease in people compared to other types is faster and there are different types of.

dependent on AIDS or : this disease state is relatively more dangerous and aggressive than other types of sarcoma and in different parts of the skin, including the face, neck, back, abdominal areas, comes. In the position, the more acute can be the appendage to the stomach, lungs and other areas of the body's internal also found.

the process of duplicating the progress and transmission of the disease in people is usually slowly takes place, and usually treatable. This disease is often not fatal unless on the inner surfaces of the body, teleportation. Can be said in all forms of this cancer, viral called HHV8 among the factors, the disease can be found that the herpes virus human 8 famous.

geographically, can be areas of the Mediterranean and African the most important centers of the outbreak, and developing the disease knew that, of course, in ancient times the density of patients at these points more than other points, to the time now. With this is that this disease is so common, was not, is not, but men of Jewish and Mediterranean more to the disease were. Since the scientists, parts of the African place of birth and center, the prevalence of HIV, the virus ... can this Points other center disease, sarcoma thing. because it was said the HIV virus (agent of AIDS) the most important factor to catching this cancer.

since this cancer great dependence with the HIV virus. ways of transfer, it is also similar to the disease, which can be found using the syringe is shared. sexual activity uncontrolled and ... named. In general, whenever a factor weakening the immune system of the body. percent of cancer sharply increases.

the prevalence of the disease among men is more age range, catching, form, disease depends. In terms of genetics also, if gene a weakness of safety in the personal, there is the risk in which the individual goes up.