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Acronym References

What is CRP ?

C-Reactive Protein

To the protein, where they are prominent factors, such as inflammation. necrosis, etc. infections of bacterial and viral and malignancy. in plasma and serum the blood of humans and warm-blooded animals the change is). proteins in the acute phase (APP: Acute Phase Proteins")).

in effect, lesions, tissue necrosis, inflammation. infections or cancers, etc. the protein in serum appear or that the amount they change, does this protein, called protein and acute phase (acute phase protein) are called .
of proteins of the acute phase can be to the protein reagent with article thirty (CRP: C - Reactive Protein), the amyloid protein your serum (SAM: Serum Amyloid A), some parts of protein of Complement System, including Factor, (BF: B Factor), components C2, C3 and. C4, C5 C9 noted.
of proteins of the acute phase of the. measure, CRP due to a rapid increase in it in the beginning of the lesion rapid decline it immediately after recovery, the best way to detect lesions tissue .
in 1930 Tilletl francis indicated that if the serum of people suffering from namooni acute have with polysaccharide microbes mixing of sediment particle can be created . This substance, a protein called C-reactive protein for this name).
CRP is able to some bacteria, fungi, etc. parasites and even some of the cells itself, such as bind .
C-reactive protein, electrophoresis in the beta placed . And of 5 sub-units that are connected are composed of CRP in front of battery d endurance . And in the heat of 70 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes, disappears, and the substance of the placenta does not pass, and so far only in human and monkey .
● in diseases, the amount of CRP in the head of CE goes up :
– infections of bacteria
– fever active
– acute myocardial infarction
– cancers, bad, benign, released
– rheumatoid arthritis, active
– viral infections
● methods of detection of CRP :
the methods of serology several for the detection of CRP, there is in the old ( C germs could use, but due to the problems in the preparation of this antigen, nowadays, several methods such as in tube cleaning, food, etc. and methods latex agglutination the amount of CRP is to recognize and measure . But between them, latex – agglutination of all of the other .
● test latex agglutination (CRP – Latex Agglutinasition test)
– basis test : This test is based on agglutination of non-activated reversed passive agglutination can be a first antibody specific CRP with the injection of CRP to the animal laboratory such as rabbits, they conceive and then the antibodies are dedicated on behalf of the Fe particles, Poly , Poly stren latex connect thus, when the serum disease, which contains the cRP is to the particle the above can be added, causing agglutination latex particles is the method is very sensitive and depending on the type of kit can be up to a mcg of CRP in a ml of serum, measured .
● , do the test :
each box of test agglutination CRP usually includes the following contents .
1 - jar containing antigen CRP which, in fact, anti – CRP could be that the latex particles is attached, sometimes of particles, color can be used, agglutination clearly visible .
2 - The Glass content of the serum of positive control
3 - The Glass content of the serum negative control
4 - buffer saline PH – 8.2 to dilute and titration of serum of the patient
5 - serum, of temperature, seen the patient at a temperature of 5 degrees centigrade, 30 minutes, complement the non-activated .
before testing the serum of engine testing from the fridge out, and about 15 minutes in a lab environment, and put up to temperature, environment, agree
1 - on a LAM, big, and dark, which is usually associated box testing . A drop of patient's serum heat seen a drop of serum a drop of serum, positive control, and a drop of the serum negative control in the three-point Lam put .
2 - glass, including antigens, gently shake, given up for a solution monotone in comes and then with the eyedropper along on any of the serum, above a drop of the antigen added.
3 - with applicator, wooden, separate each of the serum with the antigen mixture, and the size of the circular diameter of 2.5 cm and on the lam Phan .
4 - Lam in the hand or on The slowly, the rotational motion data and the result of agglutination in the light of a lamp in a certain period that is stated in the brochure has been read in, if the patient's serum containing CRP. agglutination is seen (usually between 25 result, it turns out, will be) in this case, the latex particles to form masses of coarsely sticking together appear what is the latex particles form a monotonic scattered their test result is negative .
– sometimes the amount of CRP in the serum of the patient is high and, consequently, to the cause of the phenomenon, the area may be a serum, a positive error negative report so it is better if CRP were negative before it report with dilution 1:5 test to repeat it .
– patient's serum must be fresh. in the event that you can't same day testing to do 4872 serum in the refrigerator 28 centigrade maintenance. if after 72 you want to with iodine, serum ice, stir, and serum more than once should not be ice world .
– patient's serum should be clear and without any particles .
– Lam, at a temperature of applicable maintenance .
– the slides should be cleaned after each experiment, washed with water, and dry with cotton cloth to see if the effects of soap and other detergents on it be may hinder the knowledge of ANI, gene, and antibodies .
if the amount of fat in serum and factor serum high . To be false, CRP positive .
try of the plasma for testing, CRP, do not use, because it is possible available in Al, Apple false latex particles .
– from the serum of temperature, seen for the experiments, use because if a minor amount of Complement System of the serum so it can be create a positive .
RF test
RF test to determine and Jude factor of patient, rheumatism, is this patient in the group of autoimmune diseases division is. One characteristic of it is that about 80% NATO anti against Insider production are to this antibody, factor say
● since the real cause of the disease, fractional rheumatoid arthritis is not known, but factors cause of disease or its aggravation involved :
1 - factors viral factors viral infections, including the virus EBV, which causes reproduce B lymphocytes appear to be the result, probably, the molecules of IgG, the change has caused
2 - the production of IgG, abnormal : Probably a defect molecule IgG triggers the production of IgG, abnormal, and thus stimulate the immune system against this molecule, and create invoice, is .
3 - people who have the antigen, the consistent histological H2-AD4-D2H - DRH are are more than those who lack this antigen are this disease .
4 - hormonal factors: yen disease in proportion to the 3in 1 of men, especially in the ages of 35 to 45 years of age, the incidence .
5 - factors allergic : nutritional, psychological, may also likened the disease involvement.