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Acronym References

What is CCU ?

Critical Care Unit

Intensive care of the hospital. This section helps your Yo-Yo, etc., CC Yu, and iPhone, or Yu can also call.

This section, a portion specialized in which drugs special care are given to patients.

in Iran, the presidential hospital is bound to one of the doctors working in that hospital, that the provisions of the course of clinical specialty course special care (specialists in anesthesiology, internal specialists, and specialists of the lungs) is predicted on the basis of ability, experience and proficiency, scientific and practical, as the Directorate of intensive care appointed. In the event that the elected chairman of the section intensive care of the group, he allowed, ... chaired the hospital can learn from other specialized groups that course approved by the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education and universities have already passed the one as the presidency, the selected section.

head nurse intensive care unit of the experts of Nursing that certain period under the title of Medicine special care over have chosen will. Nurses with 3 years work experience in intensive care as well as the second priority can be to the side of the head nurse in intensive care unit may be selected.

assess patients before admission to intensive care for clinical examination and insert the findings in the leaves of advice (requested by the treating physician, the primary) responsibility to resident physician. For information more comprehensive to specialized care , please.