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What is NG ?


Nigeria (Nigeria, etc. pronunciation: ـــ), or officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a country in West Africa. Its capital Abuja and the city that Lagos is. The population of this country of 170 million people and its official language is English.

the currency of the country is and half of its people that in the north of the country, live Muslim, and the other half in the south, are Christian. Nigeria in terms of oil supplies, the tenth country, and among the exporters of oil south of the country.

Nigeria in 1960, Britain became independent and the name of the country from the name of the River Niger is taken. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and the seventh populous country in the world. The country is also the most populous country in the world, with the majority of black skin.

from 2002 in the north of the country, clashes between Islamist group Boko Haram, government forces stream. armed group Boko Haram is demanding the closure of all schools, new and impose the law of Islam upon all the 36 state of Nigeria is.

historical background of Nigeria to at least 9 thousand years BC, pitted and district and Cross River in Nigeria, the origin people, Bantu has been considered that the immigrants that in the millennium, the first and second bc of the subregion have been moving, and in most regions of Central and Southern Africa, location, location choosing.