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Acronym References

What is MX ?


The United States, Mexico, or Mexico, is a country in North America. This country has more than 112 million inhabitants and the capital, Mexico City., the most populous city in the world.

language administrative and functional, in Mexico the language is Spanish, but the country has an official language, not of 2003, a total of 62 native tongue, red skin, as well as "national languages" is registered and recognized has been. Mexico largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and is about a third of the entire Spanish-speaking world live in Mexico. 70 percent of the people of Mexico descended from the mestizo (mulatto white and red), the 15 percent white, and 9.8 percent red skin. 82.7% of people it Christian, Catholic, and 7.9% follower of other branches of Christianity are.

the country from the north with the United States of America and the southeast with Guatemala and Belize borders. Also, the Pacific Ocean, in the West and South, the Gulf of Mexico in the East, and the Caribbean Sea in the South-East it included. This country with about 2 million square kilometers, the vastness of time. 14 country, the vast world and 11 populous country in the world.

the first of the works of man in America, the middle obtained belonging to 40 thousand years ago. Mexico is also the cradle of one of the most important civilization of the ancient Aztecs. Mexico in the 16 ad by Hernan was discovered in the year 1519 civilization, native to Mexico, the Spaniards were attacked. This country, from the year 1521 until the wars of independence between 1821-1810 colony of Spain. Mexico is the most populous region under the Protectorate of Spain. After a three-century conquest of the Empire, Spain, etc. eventually, in the year 1810 Mexican independence from Spain was declared.