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Talk(ed) With

Republic of China (Including Taiwan & Pescadores Island)

Tomorrow's World (UK TV programme)

Total War (gaming)


Total Weight

Time Warner

Toxic Waste

Tilt Wheel


Tiger Woods

Tollywood (south Indian film industry)

Top of Wall (surveying)

Twickenham (postcode, United Kingdom)

Traffic Warden (UK)

Torchwood (British sci-fi series; Doctor Who spin-off)

Traveling Wave

Third World

Tongue Weight (shipping)

Turbine Wheel

Two Wheeler

Totally Wasted

Tribal War (gaming community)

Team Work

Third Wheel

The What?

Twin Cities (ammunition headstamp)


Twaddle (unit of measure)

Te Weten (Dutch: to wit)

Total Water Content


Trapped Wind

Transit Windsor (Canada)

Tribalwar (online community)

Technology Watch

Travel Weekly (publication)

Time Bandwidth

Transformer Windings


Trumans Water (band)

Tile World (Chip's Challenge emulator)

Tourism Whistler

Trainers Workshop

Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK newspaper)

Third Watch (TV show)

TeraWatt (10^12 watts)

Trade Weighted

Tokyo Weekender (Magazine)

Trench Wars (gaming website)

Trojan Wall (Age of Mythology game type)



TheatreWorks (theatrical equipment business)

Taiwanese Women

Tare Weight

Tactical Wank

Target Weight (kidney dialysis)

Tropical Warfare

Threat Warning

Test Wafer

TekWar (video game)

T'way Air Co., Ltd. (airline; South Korea)

Thermoplastic Wire

Transmit Wavelength (Nortel)

Time Waived (criminal justice)

TheatreWorks (theatre company)

Thermit Welding

Tactical Warning

Telstra Wholesale (Australia)

Trigger Warning

Throw Weight

TrekWeb.com (Star Trek fan site)

Technowizard (Rifts roleplaying game)

Team Wound (gaming slang)

Tholian Web (Star Trek)

Tactical Weather

Test Witness

Tackles Won (soccer)

Thought Withdrawal

Transmitter Window

True Watt

Technical Writer/Writing

Targeting and Weaponeering

Tactical Warfare Ashore

Turing Word

Threat Evaluation/Weapon Assignment (Tartar Module)

Tactical Warning Segment