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Santa Monica College

Saint Mary's College (various locations)

Saint Michael's College

Specialty Merchandise Corporation

Smooth Muscle Cell

Sheet-Molding Compound

San Marcos (Amtrak station code; San Marcos, TX)

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Safety Management Certificate (maritime shipping)

Scottish Medicines Consortium (UK)

Standard Motor Company (est, 1903; UK)

Space and Missile Systems Center

Surat Municipal Corporation (India)

San Miguel Corporation (Philippine brewer)

Systems, Man and Cybernetics (conference)

Sony Movie Channel

Scrum Master Certified

Sony Mobile Communications (Japan)

System Management Controller (Apple)

Surface-Mount Connector (various companies)

Super Micro Computer

Société Mathématique du Canada (French: Canadian Mathematical Society)

Sudanese Media Center (independent news agency)

School Management Committee (Hong Kong)

Skilled Migrant Category (New Zealand immigration)

Smart Media Card

Social Media Club (various locations)

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction (Japan)

Spartanburg Methodist College (Spartanburg, South Carolina)

Sheet-Molded Composite (plastic used in autobody panels)

Small Magellanic Cloud (also see LMC)

Supplementary Motor Cortex

Spent Mushroom Compost (waste)

Sequential Monte-Carlo (technique for numerical approximation)

Sansa Media Converter (software)

Sandvik Mining and Construction (various locations)

Siemens Management Consulting

Senior Marketing Consultant (various companies)

Stranka Mira Cerarja (Slovenian political party)

Solaris Management Console

Sunny Mini Central (solar device)

Symmetrix Management Console (software)

Stuart Marine Corp (Rockland, ME)

Swedish Medical Center (Washington; Colorado)

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (India)

Software Model Checking

Special Metals Corporation (various locations)

Shambhala Mountain Center (meditation center; Feather Lakes, CO)

Support Maintenance Company

Summer Music Camp (various locations)

Sensory Motor Coordination (robotics)

Sindh Medical College (Karachi, Pakistan)

Sliding Mode Control

Southern Methodist Church (various locations)

Somerset Medical Center (New Jersey)

Service Management Center (telecommunications)

Singapore Medical Council

Siemens Matsushita Components

Standard Microsystems Corporation

Small and Medium Companies

Scottish Mountaineering Club

Scottish Music Centre (UK)

Super-Multi Coating (Pentax camera lens coating)

Société Marseillaise de Crédit (French bank)

Service Management Console (various companies)

Scorpio Mining Corporation (Canada)

Scheduled Monument Consent (UK)

Save the Manatee Club

Stadium Management Company (various locations)

Supreme Military Council

Symbolic Model Checking

Sonic Mega Collection (video game)

Singapore Mediation Centre (Singapore)

Skyline Madison Campus (TriStar Behavioral Health Services; Tennessee)

StoneGate Management Center (network security management)

Santa Maria, California

Select Medical Corporation (various locations)

Search and Rescue (SAR) Mission Coordinator (US DoD)

Sales, Marketing, Consulting (various companies)

Surface Mount Component

Scottish Museums Council

Salaire Minimum Conventionnel (French: Conventional Minimum Salary)

Sintered Metal Corporation (Japan)

Subject Matter Committee (California State Board of Education)

Southern Maryland Chapter (various organizations)

Souderton Mennonite Church (Souderton, PA)

Samuel Merritt College (California)

Social Marketing Company (Bangladesh)

Stirling Management Centre (Stirling, Scotland)

Squared Multiple Correlation

Social Marginal Cost (economics)

Schweizerischer Marketing Club (Swiss marketing forum)

Single Mother by Choice

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Security Mortgage Corporation (various locations)

Safety Monitoring Committee (health care)

Sunset Mortgage Company (various locations)

Super Mario Club (gaming clan)

Senior Management Council

System Management Center

Sports Medicine Clinic

Society of Midwest Contesters (Amateur Radio organization in Illinois)

Sun Media Corporation (Quebecor Media; Canada)

Systems Management Center

Southern Music Company

Sierre-Montana-Crans (Swiss shuttle bus)

Superior Matching Concepts (racing; Elkton, VA)

SONET Minimum Clock (SONET)

Standard Management Corporation (insurance; Indiana)

Specific Manufacturing Capability

SAR Mission Coordinator

Security Monitoring Centre

Stanley Medical College (Chennai, India)

Speed Modeling Challenge

Stockton Municipal Code (California)

Southern Missionary College (Seventh-day Adventist)

Sports Medicine Committee (various organizations)

Sheet Music Consortium (various schools)

Saint Martin's College

Midpoint Compromise Track Spacing (US DoD)

Security Module Card (telemedicine)

Stress Management Center

Strategic Management Committee

Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (climbing and rescue equipment)

SUNY Maritime College (Fort Schuyler, New York)

Stade Malherbe Caen (French soccer club)

Sew Much Comfort (charitable volunteer organization)

Social Ministry Committee (various organizations)

Sussex Model Centre (UK)

SuperMoto Competition

Sendai Medical Center (Japan)

Senior Mission Commander

Stream Memory Controller

System Memory Controller

State Master Councilor

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Search Mission Co-Ordinator (various locations)

Science Management Corporation

Self-Made Critic

Svensk Magisk Cirkel

Standards Management Committee

Safe Mode Command

Smith-McCort Dysplasia

Subventions et Mesures Compensatoires (French: Subsidies and Countervailing Measures)

Scientific Manpower Commission (est. 1953)

Släckmedelscentralen SMC AB

Surface Molecular Contamination

Speed Modelling Contest

Standard Mean Chord (aerodynamics)

Service Management Channel (Nortel)

Sheffield Motorcycle Centre (UK)

Special Manufacturing Capability

Silicide Mediated Crystallization

Sub Miniature Coaxial (Nortel)

Sleep Mode Connection (ATMF)

Seattle Mens Chorus

Surface Movement Controller (Australia)

Chief Signalman (Naval Rating)

Standard Model of Cosmology

Sudan Medical Care

System Management Card

Safety Management Corporation

Spectrum Management Class

Service Merchandise Corporation

Service Management Consultant

Speed Modeling Competition

Simple/Medium/Complex (effort estimation)

Small Multiuser Computer (Contract)

Sergeant Morales Club (US Army)

Syndicat Mixte du Cotentin (French: Joint Association of Cotentin; est. 2001)

Standard Motor Club

Structural Materials Centre (Part of QinetiQ, Farborough UK)

Shamva Mining Centre (Zimbabwe)

State Milk Commission

System Monitoring Center

Systèmes Mécaniques et Chimiques (French: Mechanical and Chemical Systems)

Switching Module Control

South Western Michigan College

Saint Michael's Church

Satellite Meteorological Center (China)

Select Motor Company

System Monitoring Compounds

Stratégies Municipales Concertées (French: Concerted Municipal Strategies)

System Master Catalog (US DoD)

Statistical Machine Control (semiconductor industry tool software feature)

Saad Medical Center (Saudi Arabia)

SAR Mission Controller

Serial Magnitude Command

Simple Mail Client

Secure Mail Client

Stop Mutilating Children

Supermotard Competition (motorcycle racing)

Student Mail Code

System Master Control

Stopped Muon Channel

Strategic Management Conference

Simulation, Monitor & Control

Shanghai Meteorological Center

Site Movement Coordinator

Secondary Mission Controller