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Special Low Dispersion (glass)

Statute Law Database (UK)

Specific Learning Disabilities

Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (Democratic Left Alliance, Poland)

Stags Leap District (California)

Second Level Domain

Stiff Legged Deadlift

System Landscape Directory (SAP)

Sliding Door

Schools and Libraries Division (USAC)

Supplemental Listing Document

Styled Layer Descriptor

State Lands Division (Alabama)

Side Loading Door

Service Life Design

Second Line of Defense

Single Line Diagram (power system schematic)

State Laboratories Division (Department of Health; Hawaii)

Severe Learning Disability

Super-Luminescent Diode

Straight Line Diagram (roadway)

Specific Learning Disorder

System Link Designator (US DoD)

Social and Liberal Democrats (UK political party)

Specific Language Disability (Dyslexia)

Scattering Length Density

Senior Leader Development (US Army)

Source-Level Debugger

Sauver le Darfour (French: Save Darfur)

Severe Laziness Disease

Service Level Description (Service Level Agreements)

Supercooled Large Drops

Special Learning Disability

Single Lens Digital (cameras)

Sonic Layer Depth

Single Line Drawing

Spiritual Life Director

Scheduled Lightpath Demand

Slow Long Distance (training method)

Speed Limiting Device (automotive; India)

Slow Learning Disability

Slavic Language Division (ATA)

Super-Cooled Liquid Droplets

Sum of Longest Diameters

Start of Layer Data

Simulated Launch Demonstration

Safety Level Days

Sherman L Dantzler (Grand Blanc, MI business consulting)

Squad Leader Display

Square Law Distortion

Sierra Legal Defense

Stop Line Detection

System Level Diagram

Surreptitious Listening Device

Strategic Layout and Dispersal (US Navy)

Selected Linear, Definite-Clause (logical proofs)

SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Large Detector (experimental particle physics)

Secreterial Language Diploma (UK)