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In advanced search by entering an abbreviation, you will find all abbreviated states of that term. This section only applies to Latin phrases.

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Second Life (internet-based virtual world; trademark of Linden Lab)

St. Louis (ammunition headstamp)

So Long

Sri Lanka

Straight Line

Sign Language

Skill Level

Stop Loss

Sierra Leone

Sea Level



Standard Level (IB course level)

San Luis (Argentina province)

Satellite(-borne) Laser

Student Loan

Special Linear (mathematics)

Single Line

Speed Limit


Street Legal

Snow Leopard (computer operating system; Apple Computer, Inc.)

Squad Leader

Sleeper (Indian Railways train class)

Source Language (translation)

Shelf Life


Sick Leave

Slough (postcode, United Kingdom)

Sublingual (under the tongue)

Service Letter

Software Library

Service Level

Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path)

Sool (postal region, Somalia)

Southern League (AA Baseball Minor League)

Senior Level

Steam Locomotive

San Leandro (California)

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (public transportation in Stockholm, Sweden)


Slavic (linguistics)


Simple Life (TV show)

Starting Line

Sociedad Limitada (Spanish company designation)

Stage Left

Side Line

Scarlet Letter

Security Level

Service Line

Seismic Line

System Load

Source Level

Strong Link (physics)

Storage Location

Scout Leader

Space Lab


Sea Launch

Scan Line

Secret Lover

Securities Lending (finance)

Safety Level

Surathkal (station code, Indian Railways

Section Leader

Structural Level

Comet Shoemaker-Levy

Standard Label (tapes)

Security Layer (telecommunications protocol)

Sensitivity Level

Safety Limit

Sylvan Lake (Alberta, Canada)

Saccharum Lactis


Soap Lake (Washington)

Small Leaf (plant physiology)

Side Lobe

Supervisory Level

Shift Leader

Switch Locator (US DoD)

Shared Lock

System Layer

Segment Leader

Star Lord (Cyberguard firewall)

Sand Land (Manga)

Shoot Length

Soluble Liquid

Sisters of Loretto (religious order)

Suburban Legends (band)

Space Laser

Sector Leader (Starkingdoms online game)

Sports Light (Mercedes)

Sniper Lobby (gaming)

Shadow Labs (World of Warcraft gaming)

Strictly Linear

Signed Log (geocaching)

Short Landing

Signal Link

Specification Limit

Stationary Low (power reactor)

Shadow Lords (game)

Sandia Laboratories

Salt Lake City Southern (railroad)

Specialised Lending

Sensor Link

Strouhal Number

Sound Locator

Summary Links (OSPF)

Salvage Loss

Shady Limited (clothing brand)

Shining Lore (MMORPG)

Synchronization Likelihood

Solicitor at Law

Sport Und Leicht (German, Mercedes-Benz SL)

Surface Lease (US and Canada)

Stockage Level

Strategic List

supplier lock

Segment Library

Symmetric Superlattice

Saha-Langmuir (equation)

Salem Technical Services

Strategic Locator (missing children)

Submarine Qualification Lapsed (US Navy)

Large Signal Search Light (US Navy)

Spontaneous Laughing