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Single County Authority (various locations)

Service Component Architecture

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Student Conservation Association

Service Contract Act

Small Craft Advisory

Software Communications Architecture

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Support Center Analyst (various companies)

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (Space)

Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Society of Canadian Artists (Canada)

Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

St. Catherine's (Amtrak station code; St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada)

Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt)

School Construction Authority (New York, NY)

Sustainable Community Action (various locations)

SharePoint Central Administration (software; Microsoft)

Strong Customer Authentication (banking)

Sickle Cell Anemia

Symposium on Computer Architecture (various locations)

Static Code Analysis (software)

Spinocerebellar Ataxia

School of Contemporary Arts (various locations)

Securities Class Action

Sony Corporation of America

Smart Card Alliance

State Court Administration (various locations)

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Moscow, Russia)

Security Capital Assurance, Ltd.

Sydney Catchment Authority (Australia)

Single-Connector Attachment (SCSI)

Stamford Center for the Arts (Stamford, CT)

Societe en Commandite par Actions

Shipbuilders Council of America

Special Conservation Area (state forest land)

Smoking Cessation Aid

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Savings and Credit Association (various locations)

Society for California Archaeology

Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, PA)

Supplemental Coolant Additive

Sigma Corporation of America (Ronkonkoma, NY)

Security Clearance Application (US DoD)

Stratégie de Croissance Accélérée (French: Accelerated Growth Strategy; Senegal)

Strategic Content Alliance (UK)

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Scottish Canoe Association (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Student Council Association

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Stochastic Cellular Automata

Superior Cerebellar Artery

Solar Cell Array

Specific Combining Ability

Suez Canal Authority

School Counseling Association (various organizations)

Service Concession Arrangement

Seafood Choices Alliance (est. 2001)

Secure Content Accelerator (Cisco)

Secular Coalition for America (Washington, DC)

Slag Cement Association

Soil Conservation Authority

Sumitomo Corporation of America (also seen as SCOA; New York, NY)

Society for Commercial Archeology

Snow-Covered Area

Satanic Church of America

Sun Crypto Accelerator (various companies)

Social Change Agent

Secretary for Constitutional Affairs (Hong Kong)

Sheriff's Citizens Academy (various locations)

Side-Channel Analysis (cryptography)

Single Channel Analyzer

Special Central Assistance (India)

Sumitomo Chemical Asia (est. 2006)

Society of Core Analysts

Scientific Computing Associates

Santa Clara Aquamaids (est. 1964; California)

Small Coronary Artery (cardiology)

Service Center Agencies (USDA)

Samoyed Club of America

Sensitive Coastal Area (South Africa)

Supplementary Credit Approval (UK)

Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos (Spanish: Colombian Society of Architects; Bogotá, Colombia)

Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Society of Commercial Arboriculture

Supply Chain Analyst

Sleeping Car Attendant (railways)

South Central Asia

Student Center Activities (various organizations)

Specialty Coffee Association

Selective Call Acceptance

Surf Camp Australia

Sneak Circuit Analysis

Service Contractors Association (various organizations)

Service Contract Approval (US Army)

Scottsdale Christian Academy (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

Subcontract Administrator

Statement of Custodial Activity

Special Committee on Agriculture (EU)

Smart Card Association

Subcontract Award

Sea Cargo Automation (shipping; various locations)

Secretaria de Coordenação da Amazônia (Portuguese: Amazon Region Coordination Secretariat; Brazil)

Standing Committee on Agriculture

Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

Sister Cities Association

Student Catholic Action (Philippines)

Sumitomo Chemical America

Supply Chain Alliance

South Carolina Aquarium (Charleston, SC)

Sprayed Concrete Association (UK)

Sequence Control Assembly (US NASA)

Sickle Cell Association

Societate in Còmandita pe Actiuni (Romanian: limited joint stock companies)

Senescent Cell Antigen

Summit Christian Academy (Yorktown, VA; incorporated in 1995)

System Communication Architecture

Securities Custody Account

Sensor Chip Assembly

Surface Charge Analyzer

Subsidiary Communications Authority (FCC)

School Clothing Allowance (West Virginia)

Simulation Control Area (US NASA)

Specific Collection Area

Solar Collector Assembly

Seed Certifying Agency (various locations)

Single Connector Architecture

Sea Cadet Association

Synchronous Clock Adjustment

Space Coordinating Authority (Joint Force Military Operations)

Scottish Childminding Association (UK)

Satellite Control Authority

Security Control Agreement

Sumitomo Chemical Australia

Subcommissural Aortic Annuloplasty

Suitland Civic Association (Suitland, MD)

Single Call Arrangement

Specific Collecting Area (electrostatic precipitators; air pollution control)

Seattle Counselors Association (Seattle, WA)

Scottish Croquet Association

Short-Circuit Analysis

Sprinter Club Arlésien (sports club; Arles, France)

Status of Children Act

Shop Certification Authority (aviation)

Senior Competition Advocate (acquisition procedures)

Service Cost Avoidance

Saint Cecilia Academy (Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines)

Software Corporation of America, Inc.

Society for Creative Acronyms

Société Canadienne d'Agronomie (Canadian Society of Agronomy)

Single Case Agreement (insurance)

Service Cryptologic Agency

Structural Coverage Analysis (DO-178B Certification)

Swedish Concrete Association

Shalom Christian Academy

Ship Cost Adjustment

Self-Contained Approach

Self-Controlled Airspace

Singapore Club Aquanaut

State Cooperative Agreement

Société du Crédit Agricole du Canada (farm credit corporation)

Spacecraft Checkout Area (NASA)

Self-Complementary Antenna

Show Cause Authority

Square Contour Algorithm

Stock Control Activity

Scheduling Committee Action (USAF Academy)

Scottish Conjurers' Association (Glasgow, Scotland)

Shipping Control Authority

Special Customer Arrangement/Agreement

Southern Cemetery Association

Single Cabinet ASOS (National Weather Service)

System Concept Analysis

Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly

Summary Cost Account

Social Compliance Auditor

Software Configuration Audit

Space Camp Andøya (Norway)

Scientific Computer Applications, Inc (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Shanghai Copyright Administration

Software Configuration Architecture

Soliton Cellular Automata

Space Colony Ark (video games)

Site Characterization Analysis

Suffolk County Area

Sub-Channel Assignment

Student Contribution from Assets (universities)

Site Concurrence Agreement

Specification Compliance Agreement

Southern Communications Area

Software Control Architecture (computer science)

Service Creation Agent

Saint Charles Associates (St. Charles, Maryland)

Self-Cohering Array

Subordinate Command Activity

Stone Cutters Axe (gaming)

Supplemental Crew Alert

Systems Configuration Administrator

Systems Constant Area

Silver Channel Administration