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Radiation Protection Dosimetry

Recurrent Pattern Detection (Commtouch anti-spam engine)

RSCT (Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology) Peer Domain

Request for Production of Documents

Residency Program Director (various organizations)

Rolling Paper Depot (Tempe, AZ)

Reticular Pseudodrusen

Relative Percent Difference

Recreation and Park Department (California)

Removable Partial Denture

Rockford Park District (Illinois)

Redox Potential Discontinuity

Relative Percent Deviation

Richmond Police Department

Rapid Product Development

Rochester Police Department

Raccoon City Police Department

Research and Planning Department (various organizations)

Research Program Development (various organizations)

Raw Paleolithic Diet

Respiratory Protection Device

Rijksplanologische Dienst

Rapid Prototype Development (various organizations)

Remote Presence Device (Suitable Technologies)

Reverse Phone Directory

Rockets Power Dancers (Houston Rockets dance team)

Richardson Police Department (Richardson, TX)

Random Pavarotti Disease

Reformed Patriotic Democrats (Ghana political party)

Regional Program Director

Ritual Parent Divination (Kemetism)

Return Path Demodulator (cable TV)

Repository Project Design (computing)

Radar Planning Device (US Navy)

Recognition-Primed Decision Making Model

Radiological Protection Division (UK)

Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova (firearm)

Rowlett Police Department (Rowlett, Texas)

Radiation Producing Device

Regression Point Displacement (statistics)

Revenue Per Transaction Day (rental car companies)

Ruston Police Department (Louisiana)

Rockport Police Department (video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted)

Rack Phase Difference

Remote Power Distribution

Receiver Power Distribution

Raster Product Format

Regius Professor of Divinity

Radial Power Density

Rockville Police Department (Maryland)

Resources and Planning Directorate (United Kingdom)

Reseller Products Division (Intel)

Retired Pay, Defense

Rapid Positioning Data

Reichspostdampfer (German: Royal Mail Steamer)

Regular Packet Discard (ATM)

Remittance Processing Device

Ring Partition Design

Rerum Politicarum Doctor (Doctor of Political Science)

Representative Position Description

Reflectance-Psi-Delta (experimental/evaluation method for the ellipsometry)

Republic Police Department (Missouri and Washington)

Rantoul Police Department