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Paris Saint-Germain (Paris Football Team)


Personal Systems Group

Professional Services Group (Peoplesoft, Inc.)


Public Sector Governance (various organizations)

Pacific School Games (Australia)

Primate Specialist Group (International Union for Conservation of Nature)


Platoon Sergeant

Phrase Structure Grammar

Presidential Security Group (Philippines)

Product Support Group

Project Steering Group


Pacific Seabird Group

Programmable Sound Generator (General Instruments chip)

Property Search Group (UK)

Pfadfinderinnenschaft Sankt Georg (German: Girl Guide Association of St. George)

Partner Services Group (various companies)

Processing Solutions Group (Xilinx)

Public Service Grant

Partir sans Gagner (French: Leave without Winning)

Pagan Spirit Gathering

Public Safety Group

Punter Southall Group (London, UK)

Pine Street Group (Seattle, WA)

Port Security Grant (US government)

Patti Smith Group (band)

Parti Socialiste Genevois (French)

Perchlorate Study Group

Partido Socialista Galego

Pure Steam Generator

Patient Support Group

Platform Solution Group (various companies)

Public Strategies Group, Inc. (St. Paul, MN)

Phospho Silicate Glass

Perak State Government (Malaysia)

Petersburg, AK, USA - Municipal (Airport Code)

Powder Spray Gun (various companies)

Printing Systems Group

Pseudorandom Sequence Generator (electronics)

Portfolio Strategies Group

Physical Science Group

Primary Switchgear

Planning Support Group

Packet-Switched Gateway

Passive Signal Generation

Prazisions Scharfshutzen Gewehr (Heckler and Koch sniper rifle)

Parti Socialiste de Guyanais (French: Guyanese Socialist Party)

Personnel Support Group

Preliminary Study Group

Postal Strategy Group (Universal Postal Union)