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Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Post Acute Care Unit

Precision Air Conditioning Unit

Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities (Carlisle, PA)

Piedmont Aviation Credit Union (Winston-Salem, NC)

post-operative care unit

Peri-Anesthesia Care Unit

Pediatric Acute Care Unit

Pacific and Asia Christian University (Kona, Hawaii)

Portable Atmosphere Control Unit (Molecular Products Ltd)

Preprocessor Avionics Control Unit (B-1)

Public Access Center Unit (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Portafoamer Aircraft Cleaning Unit

Pan African Christian University College (Ghana)

Provincial Accounting Control Unit

Price-Affected Commodity Use

Primary Avionics Control Unit

People of All Cultures United (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pediatric Ambulatory Care Unit

Passengers Audio Control Unit (aviation)

perioperative anaesthetic care unit

Pressure Actuation Control Unit

Power and Control Unit

Patient Ambulatory Care Unit (various locations)