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Only the Family (band)

Orange Theory Fitness (health club)

On-The-Fly (data acquisition method)


On the Floor (laughing)

Out the Front (automatic knife)

Ontario Trillium Foundation (Canada)

Off Topic Forum

Organised Trading Facility (EU)

Open Type Fonts (Adobe)

Optical Transfer Function

Output Text Format (computer programming)

On the Phone (chat)

Ontario Teachers' Federation (Canada)

Off The Film (camera technology)

Over the Fence

Ohio Turfgrass Foundation

Open Token Foundation

One Time Fee

Off the Front (cycling/racing slang)

Open Trace Format

Over the Falls (surfing)

Optical Tunable Filter

Ohio, Texas, Florida (radio show)

Open Telecommunications Framework (ECTF)

Only the Facts

Object Testing Framework

Oral Thin Film (drug delivery)

Objective Terrain Format (high resolution database format)

One Time Flight (US Air Force)

OneTouchFootball (soccer discussion site)

Organ Transplant Fund

Outsider Test for Faith (religion)

Operate to Failure (engineering maintenance strategy)

Optimum Traffic Frequency

Offender Tracking Form

One Touch Financial

Out There Flapping

Orders To Fire

Optimized Thomas-Fermi

Optimal Tower Field

One True Friend

Officially TB (Tuberculosis) Free (cattle herds; UK)

Optimal Tight Frame

Order of the Federation (gaming clan)

Orders To Fly

On-Line Tax Form