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Over The Counter (stocks)

Offshore Technology Conference

Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)

Ozarks Technical Community College (Springfield, MO)

Outside the Classroom (est. 2000; Boston, MA)

Over the Cable

Oriental Trading Company

Off the Chain

Open Text Corporation

Office of Technology Commercialization (various locations)

Oregon Track Club

On The Contrary

One Touch Cappuccino (Saeco)

Office des Transports du Canada (Canadian Transportation Agency)

Oxytetracycline (calcium complex)

Olympic Training Center

Ozone Transport Commission

Original Trilogy Collection (Star Wars)

Office of Teacher Certification (various schools)

One-Time Charge

Oklahoma Tax Commission (Oklahoma)

Officers' Training School (US Navy)

Ornithine Transcarbamylase

Order To Cash

One Thousand Children (Holocaust survival)

One Time Cost

Out of The Closet

Office of Technical Cooperation (various locations)

L-2-Oxothiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid (pharmacology)

Oregon Transportation Commission

Olivia Tremor Control (band)

Officer Training Corps

Olney Theatre Center (Olney, MD)

Overseas Telecommunications Commission

Operational Test Command (US Army; formerly Test and Experimentation Command)

Ornithine Carbamoyltransferase

Operations Training Center (various locations)

Opportunity to Correct

Off the Chart (radio)

Office of Tobacco Control (Ireland)

Online Travel Company

Off The Clock

Office of Telecommunications

Oriental Timber Company

Once-Through Cooling (power plant treatment)

One Team Conference

Old Timers Club

Order to Show Cause (civil law)

Old Testament Challenge

Old Town Coffee (cofee shops; various locations)

On the Chip

Other than Conscious Mind (psychology)

Osaka Titanium Technologies (Japan)

One Texas Center (Austin, TX)

Ohio Turnpike Commission

Other than Caucasian (classification)

Oshkosh Truck Corporation

Oncology Treatment Center (various locations)

Officer in Tactical Command

Online Travel Corporation

Out There Clothing

Orbiter Test Conductor (US NASA)

Other Than Collision (insurance term meaning comprehensive coverage)

Omaha Truck Center (various locations)

Ohio Trust Code

Okefenokee Technical College

Open Track Challenge (racing)

Organic Theater Company (Chicago, IL)

Owatonna Tool Company (Owatonna, MI)

Output Technology Corporation

Operating Telephone Company

Open Theological College (UK)

Object Technology Center (Conference)

Open Topped Container (logistics)

Olivos Tenis Club

Ogemaw Telephone Company (Michigan)

Office Technology Center

Output Transformer Coupled (amps)

Ontario Teacher's Certificate (Canada)

On Tape Catalog

Okinawa Tele Message (Japan)

Open Technology Centre (UK)

Oregon Trail Council (Boy Scouts of America; Eugene, OR)

Organ Transplant Center

Out to Court

Orlando Tech Center (Florida)

Outsourcing Technology and Commercial (legal department)

Ottawa Tool Company

Operational Test Coordinator (US Navy)

Ottawa Torah Center

Organic Toxic Compound

On Target Commission

Ordnance Training Command

On-Scene Tactical Commander

Online Technology Consortium

Offsite Training Center

Operational Training Capability

Ouaticha Technical College (Malvern, Arkansas)

On the Cool