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Open Systems Interconnection

Open Society Institute

Open Source Initiative

Office of Special Investigations

Online Software

Office of Strategic Influence (band)


Ordnance Survey Ireland (est. 1824)

Operating System Independent (computing)

Other Service Information

Open Systems International (Minneapolis, MN)

Osram Sylvania Inc.

Operational Stress Injury

Outsource Strategies International (Tulsa, OK)

Open System Interface

Optical Scientific, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD)

Outback Steakhouse, Inc.

Outsourcing Solutions Inc.

Outsourcing Services India

Out of Stock Indefinitely (usually referring to books)

Options Symbology Initiative (Options Clearing Corporation)

Operating System Installer

On-Site Inspection

Office of Scientific Intelligence

Oil States Industries (Oil States International)

Office of Science and Innovation

Office of Strategic Initiatives

Office of Scientific Investigation (aka Office of Scientific Intelligence; fictional agency; Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman)

Open Systems, Inc.

Office of School Improvement

Office of Strategic Information

Objective Systems Integrators, Inc.

Office of Secret Intelligence (fictional, Venture Brothers)

Organ Supply Industries (Erie, PA)

Other Similar Incidents

Office of Scientific Information

Open Switching Interval

On-Schedule Indicator (advertising)

Other Specified Items (earnings)

Operational Subsystem Interface (US DoD)

Open System Integration

Ontario Swine Improvement Inc. (Ontario, Canada)

Origo Sino-India PLC (UK)

Ounces per Square Inch

Other Supplemental Information

Operator System Interface

Open Systems Interoperability

Open Standard Interconnection

Office of Statewide Intelligence (FDLE)

Optical Storage International

Operations System Interface

Operating Space Item

Oponix Systems Inc.

Organizational Strategies, Inc. (Arlington, VA)

Origin Systems Incorporated

Open Sources InfoWorld

Occupational Stress Injury (psychological difficulty)

Other Security Interests

Offshore Systems, Inc

Operational Support Inventory

Online Social Interaction

One Side Installation

Optimum Source Impedance

Originating Station Identifier

Congregatio Oblatorum Sancti Ioseph (religious order, Oblates of St. Joseph)