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On Request


Outdoor Research

Office of Record

Official Records (Of the American Civil War; historical citations)

Oregon (US postal abbreviation)

Orange Range (Japanese rock band)

Organization Administrator

Object Reference (CORBA)

Operating Range

Operating Room

Open Repair

Operations Research

Operations Room

Operations Requirements

Operations Resources

Ontario Reports

Oak Ridge

Officer Representative

On-Site Representative

Open Root (welding)

Object Recognition

Objective Response

Optical Router

Odds Ratio (element of statistical regression analysis, science)

Overall Resistance

Official Receipt

Oxygen Reduction

Olympic Record

Operational Reserve

Operational Review

Operational Research

Operational Requirement

Operational Reliability

Other Ranks (British military)

Observed Ratio


Optimal Routing (telecom)

Onion Ring

Overload Relay

Occupancy Rate

Object Reuse

Occurrence Report

Offensive Rebound (basketball)

Organized Rhyme (rap group)

Operational Readiness


Object to Relational

Operating Reactor

Open Repositories (Conference)

Outside Rehearsals

Omani Rial (national currency)

Operationally Ready

Osservatore Romano (Vatican newapaper)

Omnidirectional Range

Orgone (energy)


Own Recognizance

Over Rate (cricket scoring)

Owner's Risk

Owyhee River (Snake River; various locations)

Onion Routing

Omega Rho (honors society for Operations Researchers)

Oristano, Sardegna (Italian province)

Offence Report (police incident code; New Zealand)

Originator / Recipient

Outward Radial

Ordinary Proton (event)

Orthogonal Region

Ordnance Requirement

Owasco River Railroad

Outward Routing

Old Ruymian (alumni of Chatham House Grammar School for boys, Ramsgate, Kent, UK)

Only Replication/Replicating