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OLE for Process Control (OLE = Object Linking and Embedding)

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Ordinary Portland Cement

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan)

Open Platform Communications (software)

Outpatient Psychiatric Care

Office of the Privacy Commissioner (various locations)

Optical Proximity Correction

Omaha Press Club (Omaha, NE)

Oropharyngeal Candidiasis (infection)

Office de la Protection du Consommateur

Opel Performance Center (Germany)

Official Porsche Centre (vehicles; various locations)

Online Parish Clerks (UK)

Ocean Prediction Center (US NOAA)

Official Payments Corporation (electronic payment options)

Origination Point Code

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (antioxidant/antiinflamatory)

Open Packaging Conventions (container-file technology)

Optimum Power-Control (CDMA)

Oodua Peoples Congress

Oil Palm Company (Nigeria)

Overseas Press Club of America

Obesity Prevention Center (various locations)

Office of Public Counsel

Optimum Power Calibration (optical writing technology)

Ojai Playwrights Conference (Ojai, CA)

Originating Point Code

Original Poster Company (UK)

Optical Particle Counter

Ontario Police College

Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

Offshore Patrol Cutter

Operation Complete

Organic Photo-Conductor (Hewlett Packard toner technology)

Oil Pipeline Company

Other People's Children

Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell

Operational Performance Commitment (Delta)

Odua Peoples Congress

Open Link Exchange for Process Control

Operation Provide Comfort

Operations Controller

Off Peak Car

Other Peoples Cash

Objective Performance Criteria

OpenGL Performance Characterization

Online Public Catalog (various schools)

Office of the Protective Commissioner (Australia)

Optical Photoconductor

One-Point-Cut (glass ampoules, medical packaging)

Organizational Program Coordinators (various organizations)

Ovamboland People's Congress

Oklahoma Pork Council

Optimum Picture Control (Sony)

Operations Planning & Control (IBM)

Outdoor Pursuits Club

Own Point Code

Other Project Costs

Onstar Personal Calling

Other Peoples' Code

Oji Paper Canada Ltd. (Japan)

Output Port Controller

Organisme de Placements Collectifs (Finance)

Opinion of Probable Cost

Outside Processors Council (Rockford, IL)

Oilfield Production Consultants Ltd

Operation Committee (IATA)

Operation Process Chart

Other People's Cigarettes

Organizational Performance Consultant (US Coast Guard)

Ontario Provincial Committee (Air Cadet League of Canada)

Office of Public Correspondence (Treasury Department)

Orientation Planning Committee

Oficiul Pentru Protecþia Consumatorilor (Romanian: Office for Consumer Protection)

Ontario Poison Centre (Canada)

Office of Primary Concern

Oakhurst Petanque Club (Oakhurst, CA)

Ocean Processing Center

Odstock Parish Council

Oligarchy Peep Contingent

Oligoprocyanidin (specific type of antioxidant)

On Phone Call

Optical Physics Corporation

Optimal Prefix Code

Office Protestant de la Communication

Onnuree Presbyterian Church

Oracle Precompiler

Oscillator Power Control

Outlining Process Chart

Overflow Priority Classification

Organizational Point of Contact

Organisation, Planification, and Control

Optimum Performance Capable (aircraft is fully mission capable)

Open Proxy Connection

Objat Poker Club (France)

Operations Processed per Cycle (microprocessors)