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Omani Rial (ISO currency code)

Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Reader

One More Round (gaming)

Old Mahabalipuram Road (Chennai, India)

Operation, Maintenance and Repair

Office of Mine Reclamation (California)

Oracle Management Repository (database)

Otago Mounted Rifles (New Zealand)

Ordures Ménagères Résiduelles (French: Residual Household Waste)

Ontario Medical Review (journal; Canada)

Office Market Report (Australia)

Oh My Rowling!

Original Master Recording

Office of Maritime Resources (New Jersey)

Offshore Music Radio

Oradea, Romania - Oradea (Airport Code)

Offline Mail Reader (software)

Online Medical Registry (health profiles)

Organic-Moderated Reactor

Optical Mark Readable

Operational Management Review

Outgoing Mail Record

Overhaul, Maintenance, and Repair

Officer Master Record

Outcomes Management & Research

Order Management Representative (various locations)

Overriding Method Removal

Organizational Metrics Repository (database)