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On Demand

One Direction (band)

Opus Dei (Latin: Work of God)

Optical Density

Outside Diameter

Olive Drab

Doctor of Optometry


Office of the Director (NIH)

Office Depot


Officer of the Day

Organizational Development

Once Daily (medical)


Orally Disintegrating (medicine)

Organization Development

Of Distinction

Oh Dear

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Occupational Disease

Order Date

Overdraft (banking)

Open Doors

Oxygen Depleted

Opioid Dependent

Orbit Determination

Office of the Dean

Overdosed (gaming clan)

Output Data

Optical Disk

Origin - Destination

Organizational Design

Office of Disability (Social Security)

Operations Director

Open Drain (electronics)

Out of Desperation

Operations Division

Organizational Diagnosis

Occupation Double (French TV show)

Offense Defense (sports)

Opportunistic Disease

Overcurrent Detection

Over Dose

outside dimension

Open Diary (website)

Officer Down

Open Detonation (outdoor munitions disposal regulation)

Orthogonal Design


Official Declaration

Overseas Department

Oil Distribution

Observable Difference

Over Drive

Operating Division

Operations Directive

Operational Day (scientific experimentation and data recording)

Operand Decomposition (algorithm)

Organic Data

Oculus Dexter (Latin: Right Eye)

Oxígeno Disuelto (Spanish: Dissolved Oxygen)

Oven Dried Solid

Ordnance Data

Original Dissent (conservative website)

Outside Discussions

Ordinary Seaman (Canadian Navy)

Object Domain

over damage (gaming)

Orde Dienst (Dutch: Order of Service)

Open Dealer (various companies)

Operational Downlink

Offsite Dose

Orderly Duty

Outside Dose (radiation exposure)

Oscuro Destiny (website)

Omni Dei (once a day)

Ordnance Documentation

Overshoot Detector