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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Office of Child Development

Over the Counter Drugs

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Office of Civil Defense

Oil Conservation Division

Obsessive Castle Disorder

Office of Community Development (USDA)

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc

Off-Chip Driver

On Chip Debugger

Order of Discalced Carmelites (Catholic Order; The Secular Order of Carmel)

Office of Civilian Defense (USA)

Osteochondral Defect

Oxford Classical Dictionary

Office of the Center Director

Online Course Development (various universities)

Organized Crime Division

Optionally Convertible Debenture (finance)

Operational Concept Document

Organizing for Community Development

Official Catholic Directory

Operational Concept Description

Offshore and Coastal Dispersion

Ontario College Diploma (Canada)

Oxygen Conserving Device (various companies)

Optical Critical Dimension (metrology)

Office of Coal Development

Operational Capability Demonstration

Out of Cell Delineation

Obsessive Completion Distinction

Okanogan Conservation District

Officer Career Development

Office of Commonwealth Development (Massachusetts)

Operator Control Display (AEGIS Combat Training System ACTS)

Ocean Chemistry Division

Opening Closed Doors

Ordre des Cols Durs (France cycling club)

Oahu Civil Defense (Hawaii)

Ontario Camp of the Deaf (Ontario, Canada)

Off Campus Dons

Obsessive Cullen Disorder

Object Component Desktop

Optical Concentration Device

Oxalyl-CoA Decarboxylase (enzyme)

Optical Communications Demonstrator

Obscure Character of the Day

Overseas Control Date

Offensive Central Defender (gaming)

Over-Constrained Dispatch

Optimal Coherent Decomposition

Occupational Cerviobrachial Disorder

Optically Coupled Device

Ordnance Clearance Detachment

Order Configuration and Distribution

Operations Capability Development

Over-Complete Dictionary

Obsessive Clinton Disorder (humor)

Officer of Civilian Defense (US Navy)

Oil Content Detector

Over Cleaning Disorder (humor)

Operations Control Directive (NASA)

Obsessive Comics Disorder

Offshore Centre Denmark

Operational Control Document

Ordered Constant Depth

Ordnance Classification of Defects