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Observation (Groundwater Modeling Systems)


Organization(al) Breakdown Structure

Open Broadcaster Software (live streaming software)





Ocala Breeders Sales

Olympic Broadcasting Services (International Olympic Committee)

Olin Business School (Washington University; St. Louis, MO)

Obstruction (baseball)

Ocean Bottom Seismic

Orange Business Service (France Telecom)

Openbare Basisschool

Oita Broadcasting System (Japan)

Office of Biological Services (US FWS)

On-Board System (US Air Force)

Optical Burst Switching (IEEE)

Orange Blossom Special

Organic Brain Syndrome

Off Balance Sheet

Ocean Bottom Seismometer

Océ Business Services (New York, NY)

Online Business Systems (Canada)

Outward Bound School

Office of Boating Safety (Canadian Coast Guard)

Online Banking Solutions (various locations)

Outward Bound Sabah (educational organization; Sabah, Malaysia)

Operation Black Swan (US DoD)

Omni Bearing Selector

Other Basic Sciences

Olbrich Botanical Society (Madison, WI)

Outward Bound Singapore

Out of the Box Search (software)

Outdoor Base Station (wireless networking solution)

Obstructive Bowel Syndrome

Open Bidding Service (Canada)

Orlando Ballet School (Florida, USA)

Old Black Spruce

On-Board Stability

Optical Back Scatter (class of turbidity sensors)

Osaka Bible Seminary (Japan)

Oily Bird Syndrome

On-Board Service

Out-of-Band Signaling

Oxford Biosignals Ltd

Online Billing Services (various companies)

Operational Bioinstrumentation System

Old Brown Sherry

old body style (automotive)

Okasan Business Service Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Operation Boat Smart

Optical Biopsy System

On-Board Switching

Obligation à Bons de Souscriptions

Off Bore Sight

Office Based Sales

OSIS Baseline System

On-Base Average and Slugging percentage (baseball statistic)

On Board Spares

Out of Balance Switch