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National Electric Code

National Exhibition Centre

National Electrical Code

Northeast Conference


National Executive Committee (UK Labour Party)

NUS (National University of Singapore) Entrepreneurship Centre

New England College (Henniker, NH)

Not Elsewhere Classified

National Executive Council

National Elections Commission

Northeast Corridor

Necrotizing Enterocolitis

New Europe College (Romania)

Necromancer (Everquest)

Non-Executive Chairman (various companies)

National Economic Council

Network Enterprise Center (US Army)

New Engineering Contract (Institution of Civil Engineers; UK)

Not Even Close (band)

National Energy Commission (various locations)

Northeast Corner (location in an intersection)

National Electoral Council (various locations)

National Examinations Council (Trinidad & Tobago)

Null Energy Condition (physics)

National Essay Competition (various locations)

New England Conservatory of Music (since 1867; in Boston, Massachusetts)

Nueces Electric Cooperative (Robstown, TX)

National Enzyme Company (Forsyth, MO)

Network Enabled Capability

National Extension College (UK)

Navy Enlisted Classification

Nanyang Executive Centre (Singapore)

Non-Employee Compensation

National Equestrian Centre (various locations)

Nursing Education Center (various locations)

National Entitlement Card (smartcards; UK)

Net Explosive Content (fireworks)

National Ethics Committee (various organizations)

Nominations and Elections Committee

Niagara Escarpment Commission (Canada)

New Energy Capital (Hanover, NH)

New Embassy Compound

Nursing Education Consortium (various locations)

Nature Education Centre (Australia)

Numerical Electromagnetic Code

Nederlands Elektrotechnisch Comite

Near Eastern Civilizations (various schools)

Nome Eskimo Community (Nome, AK)

Not Even Considered

New Energy Congress

New England Council

Northshore Education Consortium (Beverly, MA)

North Equatorial Current

National Europe Centre

National Episcopal Church

Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. (Japan; now simply NEC)

Near East Consulting (Ramallah, Palestine)

Neuroendocrine Convertase

Nu Energy Collective

National Entrepreneur Center (Orlando, FL)

North Eastern Coalfields (India)

National Employment Council (Zimbabwe)

Nuclear Energy Commission

National Empowerment Center, Inc

Nanoelectronics Conference (IEEE)

Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Necochea (Airport Code)

Non-Elective Contribution (to a qualified retirement plan)

Net Electric Charge

National Ecology Center

National Education Collaborative

Neuro Emotional Complexes

Northern European Command

Northeast Center for Agricultural and Occupational Health

Navopache Electric Cooperative, Inc.

New to Exporting Companies (Canada)

Nuclear Energy Consultants, Inc (Rockville, MD)

Network Equipment Controller

Naval Exercise Coordinator

No End-Item Calibration

Network Event Collector


Nephrology Channel (website)

Nijmeegse Eendrachts Combinatie

Network Enterprise Command

National Environment Campaign

Nascom Event Cancel