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National Communication Association

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

National Crime Agency (UK)

Network Computing and Applications (IEEE International Symposium)

National Capital Area

Nippon Cargo Airlines (Japan)

National Children's Alliance

National Conservation Area (US Bureau of Land Management)

Norwegian Church Aid

Nippon Conditioning Association (Japan)

News and Current Affairs

National Credit Act

National Cemetery Administration

Noritake Coated Abrasive (Japan)

National Cosmetology Association

National Climate Assessment (interagency climate assessment)

Nemzeti Civil Alapprogram (Hungarian: National Civil Fund Program)

National Cheerleaders Association

National Carousel Association

NAFO (North Atlantic Fisheries Organization) Convention Area

National Constitutional Assembly (Zimbabwe)

National Consumer Agency (Ireland)

Nuclear Command Authority (various locations)

New Covenant Academy (Springfield, MO)

N-Carboxy Anhydride (cyclic organic compound)

National Celiac Association (Needham, MA)

National Confectioners Association

National Council on Alcoholism (various locations)

National College of Arts (Pakistan)

National Command Authorities

National Coffee Association

Not Currently Available

National Club Association (Washington, DC)

National Candle Association

Network Computing Architecture

New Customer Acquisition

Network Cache and Accelerator (Solaris)

National Coastal Assessment (US EPA)

Network Communications Adapter

National Camp Association

Northern College of Acupuncture (UK)

National Cattlemen's Association

Northwest College of Art (Washington)

National Competition Agency (various locations)

Non-Compete Agreement

National Council on Aging

National Commission on Accrediting (various organizations)

National Craft Association

National Competition Authority (EU)

National Caving Association (UK)

Natomas Community Association (Sacramento, CA)

Norwegian Competition Authority

National Cleaners Association

National Committee on Accreditation

North Caicos, Turks And Caicos Islands (Airport Code)

National Coal Association

National Costumers Association (Indianapolis, IN)

Neighborhood Cleaners Association

National Caves Association (Kentucky)

National Courier Association (UK)

National Certification Authority (various locations)

Nagano Curling Association (Japan)

Netherlands Centre for Alternatives to animal use

Nursing Council on Alcohol (est. 2000)

National Council for Adoption

Narrow Coverage Area (US DoD Satellite Communications)

Noise Control Act of 1972 (US)

Nevada Cattlemen's Association

North Coast Aquatics (California)

National Canners Association

Neurocirculatory Asthenia

Network Control Analysis

National Constructors Association

Notice of Cash Allocation

Network Computer Architecture (Apollo)

Newport Collaborative Architects (Rhode Island)

National Cathedral Association

Non Current Asset

Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance

Nehemiah Corporation of America (Sacramento, CA)

Nortel Certified Architect

National Chamber of Agriculture

Northern Consultancy Association

Nashua Christian Academy

Nippon CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) Association (Japan)

Nebraska Counseling Association

Northern Cluster Alliance

Nursing Care Assistant (UK)

Northwest Capital Appreciation, Inc

Neurologic Chronometric Assessment

Normal Central Assistance (India)

National Coordinating Agency

National Communications Agency

Non Circumvention Agreement

Nuclear and Chemical Agency

National Council of Attractions

Number of Calls Abandoned (telephony)

Not Camp Appropriate

No Circuit Announcement

Navy Counselor Association, Inc.

Nebraska Cattlemen's Association

Navy Center for Cost Analysis

Nominee-Based Congestion Algorithm

Nissei Corporation of America (Greenville, SC)

Northern Communications Area

Neil Cerbone Associates, Inc (South Orange, NJ)

Norwegian Concrete Association

New Charter Academy (UK)

Nikon Color Adjustment

Node-Cooperation Algorithm

Network Control Agent

National Contest Association

Marine Corps Air Station New River, Jacksonville, NC (airport identifier)

Nepal Cultural Association

Nurse Consultant Associates

National Certification in Agriculture (UK)