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Mobile Number Portability

Northern Mariana Islands (ISO Country code)

Mobile Network Provider

Microcom Networking Protocol

Movement of Natural Persons (various locations)

Meyers Norris Penny LLP

Milieu en Natuur Planbureau (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)

Marine Natural Product

Mobile Notary Public

Mequon Nature Preserve (Mequon, WI)

Majella National Park (Italy)

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline

Mouvement Nationale Populaire (French: National Popular Movement, Morocco)

Movimento Nacional de Produtores (Portuguese: National Movement of Producers; Brazil)

Master Navigation Plan

Microsoft Network Protocol

Mouvement Nationaliste du Progrès (French: Nationalist Movement for Progress; est. 1966)

Maximum Negative Pressure

Manual de Normas e Procedimentos (Portuguese: Manual of Rules and Procedures)

Microcomputer Networking Protocol

Mi Nuevo País (Guatemala political party)