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Music for Everyone (various organizations)

Master of Financial Economics (degree; various universities)

McAfee, Inc (stock ticker symbol)

Ministry for the Environment (New Zealand)

Multifamily Executive (magazine)


Mail for Exchange (Nokia)

Movimento Federalista Europeo (Italian: European Federalist Movement)

Maison des Français de l'Étranger (French: Home of the French Abroad)

Manufacturing Engineering (various schools)

Ministry of Fuel and Energy (various nations)

Magnetic Fusion Energy

Masters in Financial Engineering

Multi-Factored Evaluation

Managing for Excellence (various organizations)

Mid-Frequency Executive (US NASA)

Magnetic Field Effect

multi-fuel engine

Marine Forces Europe (USMC)

Marsh Fork Elementary (school)


Minister for Education (Singapore)

Manpower Force Element

Magnetic Field Explorer

Mobile Fahndungseinheit (German: mobile tracing unit of the German federal police)

Meaningful Faculty Evaluation

McAllen/Mission, TX, USA (Airport Code)

Master Frequency Estimator

Material Fielding Exception

Major Fleet Escort

Modulated Free Electron Orbital Method

Monopulse Feature Extractor (RC-135)

Multiframe Error

Martin Family Enterprises, Inc. (New Hampshire)

Marketing Function Employee

Maneuver, Fires & Effects (US Army)

Multi-Port Fast Ethernet (Cisco)

Modeling Financial Economics (actuarial examination)

Major Factual Error (news editing)