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Java Server Pages

Jeunes Sapeurs Pompiers (French: Young Firefighters)

Journal of Sport Psychology

Japanese Society of Pathology (est. 1911)

Jessup (Amtrak station code; Jessup, GA)

Jump Start Program (various locations)

Java Servlet Programming (computing)

Job Shop (Scheduling) Problem

Java Stored Procedure

Journal of Speculative Philosophy (1867-1893)

JavaScript and Perl (computer programming)

Jacketed Soft Point (bullet)

Job Search Program (various organizations)

Jackson Structured Programming (COBOL programming method)

Japan Socialist Party

Joe Six Pack

Japan Studies Program

Job-Shop Scheduling Problem

Joint Structure Plan

Japanese Society of Parasitology (est. 1929)

Java Sketchpad

Joint Staff Planners (US DoD)

Joint Services Publication

Joint Strategic Plan

Japanese Society of Phycology (est. 1952)

Japanese Society of Psychopathology

Jack Straw Productions (Seattle, WA)

Just Stay Put

Jaworznickie Stowarzyszenie Pilkarskie (Polish soccer club)

Junior Sailing Program

Jamboree Shoulder Patch (BSA)

Japanese Society of Periodontology

Japanese Surrendered Personnel (British government term for Japanese troops who surrendered after WWII)

Journal of Ship Production

Judicial Selection Project (Alliance for Justice)

Joint Space Project (Canada)

Joint Support Plan

Jatiya Sramik Party (Bangladeshi Trade Union Organization)

Job Safety Practice

Joint Staff Panel

Joint SATCOM Panel

Joint Services Program

Japan-Singapore Petrochemicals

Joint Super Power

Japanese Smile Party