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JavaScript (web/HTML scripting language)

Jessica Simpson (singer)

Jersey Shore

Junior School

Job Security

JScript (web/HTML scripting language, file extension)

Just Saying

Jordin Sparks (singer)

Joe Satriani (musician)

Jerry Seinfeld (comedian/actor)

Jerry Springer

Joint Staff

John Stamos

Joseph Stalin

Joint Stereo

Air Koryo (airline code)

Jonge Socialisten (Dutch: Young Socialists)

Jean Sibelius (classical composer)

Juventude Socialista

Jon Secada (musician)

Joubert Syndrome

Janitorial Service

Joint Services

Junior Scholastic (magazine)


Jump If Sign

Jumper Setting


Jacen Solo (Star Wars character)


Joint Standards

John Sinnock (designer of the modern dime; initials on obverse)

Janub Sina (Southern Sinai; Egyptian automobile license plate)

Jerome Squalor (Lemony Snicket)

Justice Strauss (Lemony Snicket)

Jay Swaminarayan (India, greeting used mostly by Swaminaryan followers)

Jump Squad (gaming clan)

Juvenile Spacing

Jewelscript (a programming language)

Jamming Station

Josephine Sisters

Junior Seaman (Royal Navy)

James Sainsbury plc