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Julian Day

Julian Date

Joint Degree (MD/MBA JD/MBA etc.)

John Deere

Juris Doctor (degree)

Job Description

Janata Dal (Indian political party)

Joy Division (band)

Johnny Depp

Jack Daniel's

Jermaine Dupri (rap artist)

James David (as in J.D. Power and Associates; founded by James David Power)

Job Done

John Denver (singer)

James Dean

Justice Department

Job Design

Joint Director (India)

Johnny Damon (baseball player)

John Dorian (character on TV show Scrubs)

Jefferson Davis (Boss Hogg; Dukes of Hazzard TV show)

Jimmy Dean (sausage)

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Japan Air (IATA airline code)

Jury Duty

Jeff Davis (guitarist)

Juvenile Delinquent

Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Delinquency

Judgment Day

Jurisdictional Determination (various locations)

Doctor of Laws

Jordanian Dinar

John Davidson (hockey commentator)

John Dillinger

JetDirect (Hewlett-Packard family of internal print servers)

James Darren (actor/singer)

Journal of Discourses

John Deacon (Queen bassist)

Jacob's Dream (band)

John Doggett (X-Files character)

Job Developer

Jog Dial

Just Dog

Joint Detection

Johnathan Davis (member of band Korn)

Jungdemokraten (Germany)

Judging Distance (artillery)

Jacques Demolay (International Order of DeMolay)

Jorg Demus (classical pianist)

Jammie Dodger (biscuit brand)

Juris Diction (Canadian law firm)

Jubbada Dhexe (postal region, Somalia)

Judgement Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh)

John/Jane Doe

Johnathon Davis (Korn band member)

Junction Device

Josephson Device

Joint Dictionary