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Just Because (various organizations)

Jonas Brothers (band)

James Brown

Journal of Bacteriology

Johor Bahru

Jornal do Brasil

James Bond

Job Board

Jack Black (actor)

Justin Bieber (musician)

James Blunt (musician)

Jailbreak (gaming)

Jelly Belly

Jim Beam (whiskey)

Journal of Biochemistry

Junction Box

Jelly Beans

Jersey Boys

Jim Brown (NFL runningback)

Jingle Bells (song)

Jenson Button (F1 driver)

Jack Bauer ('24' TV show character)

Jacob Black (Twilight series character)

jetBlue Airways

Jerusalem Bible

Jeb Bush (Florida Governor)

Jimmy Buffet

Jungle Brothers (band)

Johannes Brahms (classical composer)

Jollibee (Filipino fast food restaurant chain)

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys band member)

Johnny Bravo (cartoon show)

John Burroughs (Middle and High Schools, Los Angeles, CA)

Juice Box (various products)

Jerome Bettis (football player)

Japanese Beetle

Jail Bait

Jyske Bank (Bank of Jutland, Denmark)

Juridische Bibliotheek

Jim Boeheim (basketball coach)

Jarque-Bera (statistics)

Jerky Boys (movie)

Joe Boxer

Joseph-Beth (bookstore chain)

Jura Bernois (region in Switzerland)

Joint Army-Navy Board (US DoD)

Jonathan Bender (NBA player)

Jail Birds

Jonny Bravo

Justerini & Brooks(Whiskey)

Job Books

Junctional Bradycardia

Johann Bach (baroque composer)


Joyful Being (social group; Georgia)