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Junior Achievement


Japanese American

Jewelers of America

Jane's Addiction (band)

Jennifer Aniston (actress)

Jagged Alliance (computer game)

Jefferson Airplane (band)


Jane Austen

Juvenile Arthritis

Johnny Appleseed

Jedi Academy (Star Wars)

Judge Advocate

Junior Auxiliary (various locations)

Johnston Atoll (virus)

John Alexander (Australian tennis champion)

Jasmonic Acid (plant growth regulator)

Jewish Agency

Judicial Assistant (various locations)

Job Analysis

Joint Appendix (US courts)

Just Asking

Air Bosna (airline code)

Justice Administration (education degree/major)

Jesus Army

Jack Adapter

Journal Asiatique

Jump If Above

Jump Address

Justicia Ambiental

Job Alliance

Joint Affairs

Jetevator Assembly

Justified Arsons (gaming clan)